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Reservations: 07 5511 9534 •


The original all you can eat Brazilian barbecue experience…the meat lovers’ dream… is now lighting the Gold Coast on fire!
A churrascaria is a meat house originating in Brazil. The concept comes from the cowboys of the southern parts, who would barbecue large chunks of meat on skewers while they were away from home. After the meat was cooked over the charcoal, the skewer would then be passed around for everyone to carve off enough to their hearts content.
We present to you A Carne Churrascaria, where you can experience the ‘rodizio’ style of service without travelling 13 571 km to the land of Brazil!
So… follow your nose to the sizzling hot charcoal BBQ. Come and see the famous Brazilian Picanha, seasoned only with rock salt and rotating to perfection.
Take a seat and sample our different cuts of pork… don’t miss out on some crackling, and… maybe… a suckling pig might make a guest appearance…
Throw in some halloumi cheese… sorry, we know you want to, but we can’t leave the whole plate on the table! Be amazed at the tenderness of our many cuts of lamb.
And some chicken? It always tastes best barbecued. Wings down.
Seafood lovers… you are not forgotten… fish, prawns, scallops!
Finally… digest the decadent feast with cinnamon sugared pineapple… the after party in your mouth….

  • About A CARNE

    A CARNE Introduction

    Since the arrival of A Carne Churrascaria in November 2012, Surfers Paradise is now also a meat lover’s paradise.

    But it’s certainly not just meat lovers that are relishing this authentic Brazilian barbecue experience.

  • Our Menu’s

    Food & Menu

    All you can eat Menu for $40 with a Vegetarian option and plenty of sides to choose from.

    Bar and take away Menu using the meats from the BBQ

  • Special Events

    Special Events

    With a total capacity of 120 people, our venue is the best for your private event.Large open space, ideal for large tables